Mutual Exchange

What is a mutual exchange?

A mutual exchange is where you swap your home with someone else. If you are a tenant of a housing association, registered social landlord or another council, you may be able to exchange your home with another tenant who wants to swap, even if their landlord is different from yours.  The benefit of a Mutual Exchange is that you may be able to find a new home more quickly and you may be able to find a home that you would otherwise not have been able to apply for.

How can I apply for a mutual exchange?

Northumberland Homefinder's partner landlords have signed up to a national mutual exchange scheme.  Tenants of Northumberland County Council, Karbon Homes, and Bernicia can use the service free of charge.


You can apply online at  The process is simple and it won't take you more than about 15 minutes to register.

If you do not have access to a computer, contact your landlord.